September 27, 2023

Webinar: Applied Legal Incident Response

Real-life experiences from cyber breaches in 130+ jurisdictions.


  • Date: September 27
  • Time: 11.00 AM (EDT)
  • Language: English

Applied Legal Incident Response: Real-life Experiences from Breaches in 130+ Jurisdictions 

Welcome to our upcoming webinar! Join us for an insightful exploration of Applied Legal Incident Response, featuring real-life experiences from data breaches spanning over 130 jurisdictions.

Key Topics Covered

  • The Importance of being Well-Prepared in case of an Incident
  • Nuances of Cross-Border Breach Reporting: Navigate the complexities of reporting breaches that transcend international borders.
  • Aligning Legal and Technical Perspectives During Breach Investigations: Learn strategies to harmonize legal and technical viewpoints for effective breach investigations.

Preparing for and Responding to Data Breaches

In an era where data breaches are prevalent, we'll stress the importance of swift, compliant action and post-breach. Discover how to minimize legal exposure and safeguard your organization.

Your Host

Levi Bergstedt

Chief Legal Officer and Head of Cyber Law

Levi is Chief Legal Officer and Head of Cyber Law at Truesec. Previously, he acted as external counsel to large international clients within insurance law (claims adjustment, underwriting, and litigation) and data privacy. Now, he focuses on how to manage cross-border personal data breaches best and most effectively and on providing innovative legal services within cyber law.

Working with Truesec’s CSIRT and in other cross-competence constellations, he brings real-life experience from when it has gone very wrong to the discussions on how to do right. For his in-depth experience and insights into actual personal data breach management and applied privacy, he's an appreciated consultant, speaker, and educator.

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