Webinar with Christoffer Strömblad

A Glimpse at the Dark Web and Why You Need to Be There


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Christoffer Strömblad

Threat Intelligence Specialist, Truesec

Christoffer specializes in cyber intelligence and provides insight and knowledge about real-world cyber attacks.


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Time for a quick visit on the Dark Web?

The cybercriminal ecosystem is flourishing and it enables practically anyone to become a cybercriminal. What you can’t do yourself, you can buy on the dark web. But this also gives us, the white hats, a better insight into the ins and outs of the criminal marketplaces and forums. To be able predict attacks and stop them from ever happening you need to have your ear on the right rails. If there is a buzz about you, you should know about it.

Trading on the dark web never stops, you can buy anything as-A-Service or simple entries, like a set of credentials or a server. Initial Access Brokers are thriving, working day and night selling credentials -working credentials of valid sessions, where MFA is already bypassed.

Identities have become the new gold the world of zero trust. Attackers aren’t breaking in anymore, they’re logging in.

Valid credentials have become as common as Phishing as Initial Attack Vector and Infostealer malware seems to be here to stay. 

We invite you to join our Free Webinar “A glimpse at the Dark Web and why you need to be there” with our Swedish Threat Intelligence Expert, Christoffer Strömbland.

Christoffer will teach you how Initial Access Brokers work and why they have become so popular, and also why it’s so important to raise your gaze outside your own perimeter, into the space of the adversary. Here's what to expect:

  • Infostealers - how they work and why the are successful.
  • Predicting cyber attacks – What sings to look for to predict an attack.
  • Demo of a Dark Web marketplace – a real glimpse of the criminal underground.