Webinar with Daniel Jauren and Kuno Kasper Larsen.

How IAM Can Mitigate Identity Theft


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How Identity & Access Management (IAM) Can Mitigate Identity Theft

Misguided trust lets threat actors escalate privileges and move laterally in victim networks way too easily. On top of that, there are threat actors specialized in harvesting identities to sell on Darkweb marketplaces. Securing your identities is key to a holistic cyber defense.

On October 26, Truesec is hosting a webinar focusing on how IAM can be used to mitigate the threats of Identity theft and to prevent data breaches.

During the session, you'll get:

  • Insights into how threat actors use identities to stage cyber attacks on your company.
  • An overview of how the different IAM technologies can support your defense in the enterprise.

Your Hosts

Daniel Janurén

Lead Threat Intelligence

Kuno Kasper Larssen

Subject Matter Expert IAM