Why Is Incident Response Crucial in Cybersecurity?

Mats Hultgren, Director of Operations Truesec IR, and Elin Richarz, Founder Murphy Solutions.


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Mastering Cybersecurity Incident Response

Have you ever wondered how your company can effectively prepare for an unexpected breach? The rapidly evolving cyber landscape demands that every business be proactive, resilient, and equipped to face unexpected breaches head-on. Downtime can be costly.

So, what steps can you take to ensure you're ready before a breach occurs? 

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Your Hosts

Matshultgre-elinricharz-truesec-murphy-photo Foto Annci Gustavsson-0K0A1700

Foto: Annci Gustavsson

Mats Hultgren and Elin Richarz

Mats is a renowned trusted advisor and Director Of Operations CSIRT, Truesec. His vast experience managing the incidents handled by Truesec's CSIRT makes him one of Sweden's most recognized experts in incident response.

Elin is an expert within crisis management and continuity planning, and is the founder of Murphy Solutions. She has supported over 350 organizations in both private and public sector to build capacity and capability, to handle acute situations - cyber crisis to terror.