Combat the Recurring Seasonal Increase in Cyber Attacks

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Over holiday seasons, the global risk of ransomware attacks increases and Truesec has observed a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks. With fewer eyes watching the network, attacks can more easily go undetected in their early stages. And with limited staff, organizations are less equipped to respond quickly and contain the damage. In other words, it's an important time for us as individual companies and collectively to raise our shields and defend our networks together.

In this short webinar, Petter Fahlström, COO of Truesec Detect, and Christoffer Strömblad, Threat Intelligence Specialist, will briefly discuss the reasons and statistics behind the statements above. Still, perhaps most importantly, we'll explain what we do to protect organizations like yours.

High-lights from the webinar

  • Threat Landscape: Overview and Assessment
    We'll start by examining the current threat landscape and key trends. This includes a brief analysis of the top threats facing organizations today, such as ransomware, business email compromise, and nation-state attacks.
  • Threat Management: Addressing and Managing Threats
    Next we'll explore recommendations and best practices for managing cyber threats. We'll present our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, and our Managed Threat Intelligence service. Our goal is to provide actionable steps to reduce your attack surface today, quickly detecing threats and responding effectively.

Your hosts

christoffer strömblad profile


Christoffer Strömblad

Threat Intelligence Specialist

Christoffer specializes in cyber intelligence and provides insight and knowledge about real-world cyber attacks.
petter fahlström-1

Truesec Detect

Petter Fahlström


Petter works to expand on Truesec's capabilities, to make sure that we stay relevant in an ever-changing threat landscape - and that we have an absolutely kick-ass SOC.

Holiday offer

During this vulnerable time and have arranged for a 3-month tailored holiday service offering. For the duration of the offering, you can subscribe to our premium, best-in-class core services: Managed Detection and Incident Response and Managed Threat Intelligence. Pairing these with hyper-relevant threat intelligence-based vulnerability and attack surface investigation, you will have the best tools we can offer to minimize your risk over the Holidays.