Securing Critical Infrastructure: Insights and Best Practices for Building and Operating an OT-SOC

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Operational technology (OT) environments are integral to our industries and societies, managing everything from manufacturing processes to critical infrastructure. Consequently, these systems are facing an increasing threat from sophisticated cyber attacks. 

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring renowned experts in IoT and OT security, Kevin Widlund and Nicklas Keijser. They will share their extensive experience in creating and operating an OT Security Operations Center (OT-SOC), guiding you through their journey from inception to overseeing some of the largest industries worldwide. 

In this session, you will:

  • Learn How Monitoring is Done in Industrial Networks: Discover the unique challenges and strategies to monitor industrial networks, ensuring robust security across your operations.
  • Understand the Differences Between Monitoring IT and OT Networks: Gain insights into requirements and approaches needed for IT and OT environments.
  • Enhance OT Monitoring with EDR: Explore how telemetry from Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in the IT network can significantly enhance OT monitoring and overall security.

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Moderator is Hasain Alshakarti, Principal Technical Architect at Truesec.

Meet Our Speakers



Kevin Widlund

Lead OT Analyst Truesec SOC

Kevin is the Lead OT Analyst at Truesec SOC, adept at safeguarding industrial systems through continuous monitoring and proactive threat hunting. His expertise ensures robust security for critical infrastructure, protecting against cyber threats and ensuring operational resilience.


Hasain Alshakarti

Principal Cybersecurity Advisor

With more than 25 years as a security consultant, Hasain Alshakarti is a recognized international expert on cyber security with extensive experience of incident response, penetration testing, network security, system security and identity management including PKI, federation and Certificate solutions. 


Nicklas Keijser

Threat Intelligence Research Analyst

Nicklas's role as a Threat Research Analyst involves much reverse engineering and looking into all things malware. Nicklas is also a subject matter expert in industrial control systems and anything related to its security. 

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