October 17, 2023

Get Ready for New Regulations in Cyber

Speakers Levi Bergstedt and Mats Hultgren.

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  • Date: October 17
  • Time: 15:00 (CEST)
  • Language: English

Get Ready for New Regulations in Cyber

The new EU regulations, like DORA and NIS, aim to harmonize and upgrade existing legislation within the Union. For companies subject to the new regulations, it's time to start preparing to comply with the new requirements. 

On October 17, Truesec is hosting a webinar focusing on key aspects and implications.

During the session, you'll get: 

  • An overview of regulations such as DORA and NIS and how they impact companies. 
  • Receive practical advice on how affected companies should approach compliance efforts. 

Your Hosts

Levi Bergstedt

Chief Legal Officer and Head of Cyber Law

Levi is Chief Legal Officer and Head of Cyber Law at Truesec. Previously, he acted as external counsel to large international clients within insurance law (claims adjustment, underwriting, and litigation) and data privacy. Now, he focuses on how to manage cross-border personal data breaches best and most effectively and on providing innovative legal services within cyber law.

Working with Truesec’s CSIRT and other cross-competence constellations, he brings real-life experience from when it has gone very wrong to the discussions on how to do it right. For his in-depth experience and insights into actual personal data breach management and applied privacy, he's an appreciated consultant, speaker, and educator.

Mats Hultgren

Director Of Operations CSIRT

Mats is a renowned trusted advisor within the capabilities of Protect, Detect, and Respond. His vast experience managing the incidents handled by Truesec's CSIRT makes him one of Sweden's most recognized experts in incident response. Mats is an appreciated speaker at security and management events, where he talks about security threats, vulnerabilities, incident response, and how organizations can achieve a secure digital transformation.

He also holds courses on Strategic Cybersecurity, Information Security, Risk Management, and Crisis Management. He is especially appreciated for his ability to interpret and explain complex problems and solutions in a way that makes sense to everyone.